Within Times

“My work has been marked by and is the convergence of my experiences of travelling and living in other countries [than my own] like China and Canada.

My proposal Within Times is about the relationship between the concepts of light and shadow.

My focus is on the principle of reflected light as a source of transformation of the physical space as it produces other layers of realities through the shadows projected on the surfaces.

The ephemeral, constant change is part of the subtle nature of shadows associated with memory, identity and time, through the symbolic relationship with eastern and western cultures. I suggest shadows are silent testimonies of the ephemeral and changing world.

The context is decisive in the development of my proposal and, therefore, responding to the local environment is an integral part of the process, marking in situ the moment, an instant, engaging people in a new relationship with their surroundings.

Light travels beyond limits of space, my work propose to go beyond those limits that define the territories to connect distant realities.”

– Ana Mejia Macmaster

Come and join in the talk to know more about Ana’s works!

* Entrance is free. The artist talk will be presented in English and Vietnamese.

Ana Mejia Macmaster is in Ho Chi Minh City from April 1 – May 1, with thanks to the ‘National Incentives Program’ of the Colombian Ministry of Culture who have chosen to partner with ‘San Art Laboratory’ in a 2 year artist-in-residency program. Two Colombian contemporary artists have been chosen from a national call across Colombia, to spend at one month in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014 and 2015. This program understand that to enable artistic exchange via the creation of new work, there must be stimulated dialog between cultures and producers to expand the horizon of critical thinking. San Art looks forward to welcoming our Latin American guests to Vietnam and introducing them to the local artist community.