Date: 03 & 04.06.2019
Location: Ca Phe Thu Bay Tre, Ho Chi Minh City

In June 2019, Sàn Art delivers the second edition of Uncommon Pursuits, this time, as a workshop centered on the intersection between visual art curation and theatrical production through hands-on theater-making exercises and intensive discussions about the performative body, sound, space, and time.

The workshop instructors come from a wide range of visual and performative disciplines, including theater and film studies, physical theater, Noh acting, new media, theater design and theater production. Through the process of presenting and making together, the insights and skills transferred to the workshop are reflected upon, contested, refined and integrated into each participant’s project. The class learn how lessons on staging, moving, directing, synergizing and carrying a production to its fruition could enhance each participant’s personal strategies as they embark on various uncommon pursuits, whether in the field of performance or visual art, whether as curators, producers, actors, visual artists, writers or art viewers.

On the agents of the performative space

Kanji Shimizu
Noh actor
Member of Director Board of Tessenkai Theater, Tokyo, Japan

The session guides participants through a historical overview of Noh theater from the 8th century to the contemporary moment, followed by lectures on the basic elements of Noh theater, including character tropes, choreography, chant, music, masks, costumes and stage directions. Innovations in contemporary Noh practices are also discussed in relation to the modern history of Japan. Presentations and workshops on Noh chant and movement allow participants to experience the rigor of Noh actors’ training and the complex depth of Noh aesthetics.


With support from Arts Network Asia & Quỹ nhà Đậu