Sea (ex) Change – See a change? Sea Exchange? See a Exchange? Sex Change ?



1 July, 2014


6:00 PM


San Art



Sumesh Sharma is a curator and co-founder of the Clark House Initiative which is located in Bombay India. Sumesh is currently a resident of Parasite, Hong Kong. At this time visiting HCMC Sumesh is spending his time working with San Art, having a talk presenting artist Rupali Patil and Clark House Initiative along with an intervention which is called Sea (ex) Change – See a change? Sea Exchange? See a Exchange? Sex Change ?

Sumesh Sharma (1983) is a curator informed by alternate art histories that often include cultural perspectives informed by socio-economics and politics. Immigrant Culture in the Francophone, Vernacular Equalities, Movements of Black Consciousness in Culture are his areas of interest. He co-founded the Clark House Initiative in 2010.

Rupali Patil (1984) re-arranges visuals that critique political oversight and corruption which create unfortunate happenings such as farmer suicides, exploitation through privatisation of water resources, eviction of tribals from their lands, and marginalisation of indigenous communities such as the Kolis of Bombay.Clark House Initiative, based in Bombay, was established in October 2010 as a curatorial collaborative and a union of artists concerned with ideas of freedom.

Clark House, from which the initiative took its name, and from where their projects are based, was once an office of pharmaceutical research, an antiques store, and the shipping office of the Thakur Shipping Company that had links to countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Japan. Curatorial interventions in the space hope to continue, differently, this history of internationalism, experiment and research.