Lab 4: Artist talk

image credit (left to right): Lai Dieu Ha 'Image Reproduction' (detail) 2014; cloth, cotton, stainless steel, plastic, LED light; 40kg, 250 x 200 x 100 cm. Nguyen Van Du 'Slaughterhouse #1' (detail) 2014; oil on canvas; 150 x 200 cm. Le Phi Long 'Mangrove jungle' (detail) 2014; digital print on aluminum; 100 x 200 cm.


Thursday, May 15, 2014


6:30 PM


Sàn Art, 3 Me Linh, Binh Thanh,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Le Phi Long, Lai Thi Dieu Ha and Nguyen Van Du are three artists from three very different backgrounds and perspectives when it comes to art-making. Come and hear the trials and tribulations of experimentation with material and the complexities of working with others in their desire to explore ideas behind ‘Mind, Flesh, Matter’!

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