Artist Talk: Tuan Mami, Yu Araki & Kjersti Bjerke Hagen

Artist talk by San Art Laboratory’s resident Danish artist Kjersti Bjerke Hagen, Mami Tuan and visiting Japanese artist Yu Araki

With his current exhibition on view at San Art, showing the results of his 6 month residency at San Art Laboratory, Tuan Mami talks about his working researching process here and his experience spending time in the first home-grown studio-residency program in Vietnam.

Danish artist Kjersti Bjerke Hagen (b. 1982, Norway) started her research work about the urban changes of HCMC in 2010, as a part of her Master of Arts in Architecture. During her residency at San Art Laboratory, she is hosting a multidisciplinary workshop to enlighten the image and perception of the city through sensorial experiments and informal installations. She talks about the importance of artistic involvements within and with city’s development.

Yu Araki returns to Vietnam for an art project and exhibition, supported by Japan Foundation Hanoi. Born 1985 in Yamagata City, Japan, Yu shares his voyage with video art that started by swallowing a miniature camera to search for a small figurine in his internal organs to explore ‘the relationship between camera and the self’.