Artist talk: Chou Chien Pang

“I used to draw while commuting when I was still a salary man. I am very comfortable with the fact that I could do some graffiti whenever and wherever I am. With the purpose of sharing the joy of creating and to enjoy the fun and peaceful atmosphere, I established a drawing group on Facebook and started to teach young children drawing, to paint on the walls of my rooms, to give people the artworks that I made for them freely as a gift. I am a newbie in the realm of art. Nonetheless I truly love creating and sharing, not to mention art itself. I have been questioning for my own way of making art by means of applying for art residence, getting myself involved in artist’s project, wandering galleries and making gallery maps. Sometimes, I empty all my emotions and just draw the totems carved upon my heart.”

Chou Chien Pang, May 2014

San Art Laboratory welcomes Chou Chien-Pang, exchange residency artist from Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan. Master of laws and now artist by practice, Chou Chien Pang brings to Vietnam his “Project Connection”, a visual dialogue, an interactive documentation realized by means of drawing, lettering, interview, photographs and digital communication with the local community he visits. Nicknamed ‘A Pang’, he will be with us for one month – Come share your stories, and perhaps become part of the narrative!

Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) is member of Res Artis, initiator of Intra Asia Network for AIR & Artists’ mobility, regional representative of International Network of Culture Diversity and Arts Network Asia, country representative for World Culture Forum Asia-Pacific. It aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for visitors from national and international art related fields, for short visits or specific projects.