Art at The Park: Saigon Contemporary Art Fair

Art at the Park – Saigon Contemporary Art Fair

Date & Time: Sat-Sun, 8-9 Jan 2022
Location: Park Hyatt Saigon
2 Lam Son Square, Ward Ben Nghe,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In the hopes of putting different forms of art into conversation with one another, and connecting local artists with art enthusiasts and professionals, Park Hyatt Saigon partnered with Sàn Art to host Art at the Park, an exclusive Saigon Contemporary Art Fair that brought together seven well-known galleries in Vietnam: Sàn Art, Galerie Quynh, MoT+++, Vin Gallery, Mơ Art Space, Cuci Art Studio, and The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre.

**Photo documentation provided by Park Hyatt Saigon

About the participating galleries

Founded in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City as an artist-led platform, Sàn Art has since grown into a leading independent arts organisation in Vietnam and the region. Maintaining a commitment to grassroots support for local and international artists and cultural work, Sàn Art is also a site for critical discourse with regular educational initiatives. Opening a new chapter in the organisation’s history, Sàn Art is expanding a community hub to support and foster innovative and experimental practices and perspectives.

Recognised as one of the country’s leading contemporary art galleries, Galerie Quynh has been promoting contemporary art practice in Vietnam for over two decades. The gallery is know internationally for its consistently focused programming and educational initiatives. In summer 2020, with support from the Goethe-Institut, the gallery launched the not-for-profit CáRô, an educational initiative that provides art education for students aged 13-18 who show demonstrative interest in the arts.

MoT+++ is an independent, artist-run space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We collaborate with artists to create an experimental environment that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice.

Based in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vin Gallery has established an active presence in art fairs across Asia by promoting cross-cultural hybridization. We aim to bring artists with critical practices to HCMC to share their work with the local art scene while simultaneously striving to discover and promote promising South East Asia artists to the international art scene. Our artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and art education, work with various mediums and have a spectrum of life experiences. They have strong conceptual and challenging visions, materialized in continually evolving forms which we try to foster by creating networks and collaborations with other art spaces in Asia and beyond.

Founded upon the mission to widely promote the Vietnamese artistic and cultural scene, Mơ Art Space seeks to bridge the gap between the art world and the audience. Based on the historic Apricot Gallery, Mo Art Space continues to carry on this legacy by introducing the best selection of artworks, as well as evolving as a fresh and innovative art space in the old quarter of Hanoi. We support this goal by conducting highly curated exhibitions featuring artworks of various mediums and themes, juxtaposing the past and present, tradition and future, heritage and modernism. Mo Art is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Vietnamese artists, accentuating their works, ideas, and philosophy to art collectors, local and international alike.

Founded in 2014 by art organizer Vo Quynh Hoa and artist Nguyen Hong Phuong, Cuci Art Studio values ​​creativity, change and experimentation, upholding the mission of introducing Vietnam’s hidden artistic talents to art lovers and collectors, at home and abroad. Its motto is to connect local artists, especially young talents, with national and international audiences. Proudly representing well-known talented artists, and friends, Lục Quốc Nhượng, Nguyễn Hồng Phương, Nguyễn Khánh Toàn, Lục Quốc Nhượng, and Phan Tuấn Ngọc amongst others, Cuci Art Studio introduces these voices in various forms through exhibitions, workshops, talks, and lectures.

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (‘The Factory’) is the first purpose-built space for showcasing contemporary art in Vietnam, established in 2016. As an independent private initiative, it creates and hosts interdisciplinary activities in order to introduce and expand knowledge of contemporary art and cultural trends, both past and present, in Vietnam. As a social enterprise, The Factory also offers a publicly accessible reading room of art-educational resources; workshop and community space for hire; replete with café and restaurant. All profit from the sale of art and business on-site supports the running costs of its Arts Centre.